Mexico: A Culinary Quest
launch at Tate Britain

TransGlobe Publishing celebrated the launch of Mexico: A Culinary Quest on Mexico Day, 6 November 2017, at Tate Britain with the Mexican Tourism Board and the Minister of Tourism of Mexico, Enrique de la Madrid.

This unique book charts a journey across Mexico in all of its sensational diversity, a search for the country’s heart and soul through the medium of food.

Chronicling a journey across the country’s thirty-two states, most picturesque landscapes, and featuring more than a hundred entertaining and informative profiles, México: A Culinary Quest captures the essence and spirit of Mexico, its culture, food history and mind-bendingly diverse range of culinary styles.

Huge resources and creative enterprise has gone into making this 600pp tome and more than 880 photographs come to life, and we hope that you and your friends will be the first to delight in its sheer beauty.

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