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TransGlobe – Contemporary Art

Britain's Artists and their Studios

Editor/interviews: Hossein Amirsadeghi
Executive Editor: Maryam Homayoun Eisler
Essays: Iwona Blazwick, Richard Cork, Tom Morton

Hardback, 32 x 25 cm, 600pp.
With over 600 photographs


Lavish, cleanly designed doorstep of a book ... the triumph is in the photography of Robin Friend
RA Magazine

The Times

Big, ambitious ... [it has] a sumptuous physical presence ... Amirsadeghi both controls the potential sprawl of his inquiry and elicits answers which serve, however intermittently, to illuminate the authentic spirit and practice of art-making ... much of the pleasure Sanctuary gives is in allowing the outsider or neophyte access to a professionally informed and conversationally pitched thinking-aloud.
The Times Literary Supplement

Engaging, intelligent and genuine ... a fascinating read.

A voyeuristic glimpse into art's alchemical laboratory ... asks searching questions and gets plural, profound, provocative responses about the nature of art and its practices ... a thought-provoking, iconoclastic book.
The World of Interiors

A nosey-parker's key to the kingdom of the creative process itself, the artist's studio.

Boldly ambitious ... interviews 120 British artists in a freewheeling way about their practice and process, inspiration and ideas ... the images are superb ... [Robin Friend] has captured the artists at work and at play as vividly as the spaces they inhabit.
The Spectator

Wholly absorbing, informative and even exciting ... an endlessly fascinating, beguiling and intriguing visual anthology; the work itself is usually presented obliquely, cleverly encouraging a desire on the part of the reader to see more of the art, as well as the artist and workplace.
V&A Magazine

Each one of the sanctuaries, every one beautifully photographed by Robin Friend with portraits of the artists, is accompanied by illuminating interviews that immediately shed new light on their work ... Sanctuary feels like the first truly necessary compilation book of contemporary artists that I can remember.
The Daily Telegraph

Insights are plentiful and not a few preconceptions and prejudices are connected ... a worthy addition to the mass of contemporary documents that are destined to become important archives for researchers of the future. Thames & Hudson have a solid history of excellent, cutting-edge visual arts publishing, not least with their support of street art and graffiti, and this is no exception. A fascinating opportunity to peek behind the scenes into the private world of the art professional.
F22 Magazine

An intriguing glimpse into the artist's world.
The Observer

Lively interviews ... colourful reminiscences ... superb photography ... For anyone interested in British art, it is a gold mine.
Art Quarterly

Packed with beautiful photographs and gives rare access to the private worlds of these inspiring artists.
The Evening Standard

Robin Friend's frank and ungimmicky photographs offer a privileged insight into usually inaccessible creative spaces ... Sanctuary eschews romanticising to provide a quietly penetrating record of what Blazwick aptly describes as the sheer ordinariness and quiet discipline required for the daily act of making art.
The Art Newspaper

Not a coffee-table book, because it is clearly overwhelming, too interesting, thought-provoking, irritating, annoying and informative... and altogether too weighty for such a mundane purpose. ... splendidly revealing.

Sanctuary photographs 120 Britain's leading artists in their workspace, discussing their daily practice and creative foibles in deliciously telling detail.
The Sunday Telegraph

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